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Understanding The Roots of Wellness

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About Course

If you could learn something today that could help you save money on health emergencies and expenses, won’t you jump at it?


You will, right?


Then, you don’t want to delay even one moment to jump right at this opportunity that is staring you in the face: an opportunity to learn those natural remedies that myself, my wife, and our team have been using for 40+ years to reverse cases of High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight issues, High Blood-pressure, Constipation, Sleep Problems, High Blood-sugar, etc., WITHOUT heavy medications.


Feeling already interested?


Start with the introductory video below, where you will learn about the 5 pillars that need to be in place for you to live a truly healthy life.


At the end, you will find a link to the main 5-in-1 course where we teach you all that you need to know to live the healthy, happy, and balanced life that you want. We thought that you will love something extra, like a bonus. So, we added 4 bonuses that you will enjoy if you take the 5-in-1 course, one of which is how you can make money from the knowledge you’ll gain from the course.


Ready to jump at this opportunity?


Open your mind and listen to the life-changing perspectives shared in the video below.

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Course Content

1.0 – Understanding The Roots of Wellness

  • 1.1 – The components of wellness
  • 1.2 – A better way to live healthy
  • 1.3 – Your mind and your wellness
  • 1.4 – What led to this course +[BONUS]

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6 Ratings
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Robert Hope
6 months ago
Wow! I feel like going further, because I have many unanswered questions in my mind due to the knowledge my ignorance has received, indeed knowledge is power. The bible said "my people perish because of lack of knowledge" a man with no knowledge will definitely get lost and not get things right. If I'm given an 80 leaves exercise book to write on I will keep writing and non stop, I feel I should drop the curtain here, I would say I am grateful it's a privilege.
2 years ago
The lessons are thought-provoking and revealing. I'm happy to be part of this mind-blowing experience. Thank you, Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Sherese Ijewere and the team behind this great work.
3 years ago
This is fantabulous so interesting to read, I never knew the state of my wellness up to this level, this is a very valuable treasure to behold the components of wellness and how it is connected to our lives. Thank you for sharing with me this great insight
3 years ago
This is a very insightful course into health and wellness. Wow! Very refreshing perspective on how to view our health
3 years ago
I have not heard about health from this kind of perspective before. This a rare and valuable insight that more people should be exposed to.

Henceforth, I am choosing disease reversal. No more sickness management. Well done Dr. Patrick for this knowledge!
3 years ago
I am amazed! I never knew that some of the things I do have been harming my health. I need to start looking into this 5 pillar thing. Thank you for putting this up.