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3rd Pillar of Wellness: NUTRITION

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You are what you eat. And if that includes junk food, you can imagine how junky you will look. This module was carefully designed to answer most of those food-related questions that you have always wanted to ask a Nutritionist. And if you have other questions to ask, we will be waiting to hear from you.

About the instructor

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Our goal is to teach you simple and natural steps towards a life of optimal wellness.

Course Curriculum

1.0 – What Food Really Is

2.0 – Mindfulness In Your Nutrition

  • Mindful eating

3.0 – Food Perceptions

  • Your perception of food

4.0 – Healthier Options to Use In Place of Seasoning Cubes

  • Life before and beyond seasoning cubes

5.0 – The Kitchen Utensils You Use and How They Could Be Harming Your Health

  • Cookware Pt. 1 – Introduction
  • Cookware Pt. 2 – Carrot test
  • Cookware Pt. 3 – Pot pollution test
  • Cookware Pt. 4 – Cooking without water
  • Cookware Pt. 5 – Frying chicken without oil
  • Cookware Pt. 6 – Salad making with fruits and vegetables

6.0 – Bowel Movement

  • The damage you are doing to your body when you don’t move your bowel daily

7.0 – Portion Control

  • Your mindset and how it affects the quantity of your food

8.0 – Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL)

  • How to reduce risks of cancer by eating alkaline-forming foods

9.0 – Fermented Vegetables

  • The benefits of eating raw food and fermented vegetables

10.0 – Detoxification

  • A Nutritional guide on cleansing your body system

11.0 – Intermittent Fasting

  • The health benefits of taking a break from food

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