4th Pillar of Wellness: LIFESTYLE

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You only live once, so live your life. Is that enough reason to live in a way that gradually pulls you into sickness?

Few hours of sleep, little or no exercise, using cosmetics and body accessories without caution, etc. All of those lifestyle habits (and more) have been treated in full detail, in this module.

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The Suicidal Choices You Make With Clothes, Cosmetic, Accessories, Under-wears, and Shoes

Dress to kill (Pt. 1)00:18:06
Dress to kill (Pt. 2)00:13:10
Dress to kill (Pt. 3)00:7:40
Dress to kill (Pt. 4)00:21:41
Dress to kill (Pt. 5)00:16:16

What To Keep In Mind To Maintain Healthy Fitness

The Disease You Suffer From Without Knowing It


Drinking Water

Poor Sleeping Habit

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