1st Pillar of Wellness: SPIRITUALITY


You are not a physical being; you are a spiritual being undergoing physical experiences. And for that reason, your wellness begins from your spirituality.

In this module, you will be exposed to aspects of your spirituality that, if given attention, can transform your well-being for life.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

1.0 – Forgiveness

The healing power of forgiveness00:8:16
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2.0 – Prayer

3.0 – Meditation

4.0 – Faith Vs. Fear

5.0 – Fasting

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Our goal is to teach you simple and natural steps towards a life of optimal wellness.
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The spirituality pillar of wellness has taught me that there’s a relationship between our spiritual and physical well-being. Even things like unforgiveness. We need to be in a healthy spiritual state to enjoy complete wellness. Thanks for this. I look forward to partaking in the remaining 4 wellness pillars.


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