We Found A New Way To Help You Reduce Your Budget For Health Emergencies

Just as we have done for these people…

Within 3 months of following our NATURAL disease-reversal plan, she STOPPED taking her cholesterol and diabetes medications, and LOST up to 12kg!

After sticking to our NATURAL treatment plan, his blood sugar dropped from a high of 438 mg/dL to a normal range of 110 mg/dL.

After experiencing constipation and bloating for several years, one holistic consultation session with us CHANGED HER STORY for good!

Before he met us, he was almost losing his dignity because he was OVERWEIGHT and had SLEEP APNEA. Now, he has LOST 23 kg and counting!

How did we help these people achieve complete reversal of High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight issues, High Blood-pressure, Constipation, Sleep Problems, High Blood-sugar, etc., WITHOUT heavy medications?

How did we do it NATURALLY?

It took us 40+ years of experience in caring for hundreds of patients in the areas of medicine, nutrition, mind-body, and fitness – in the U.S, the U.K, and in Nigeria.


And within those 4+ decades of treating patients who struggled with every kind of disease or illness you can think of…


We discovered that it is possible to completely prevent/reverse diseases and illnesses naturally, without heavy medications…


And that discovery we made is an uncommon knowledge that can put a stop to heavy spending on medications and hospital bills when you apply it intentionally.


When we became aware of this uncommon knowledge that we will reveal to you in the next few lines…


We realized that we had all been sold a terrible lie about our health:


The lie that it’s okay to manage our health challenges with tablets and pills, till the day we draw our last breath.


And how is that a lie??

Now think for a moment:


Since we are creatures of a whole and perfect creator, who made us in his likeness, doesn’t that tell you that wholeness and Wellness is our default state of living?


And even when we deviate from that default state of Wellness to illness…


Don’t you agree that our perfect creator must have already provided a natural way of redirecting us back to Wellness? Not managing the illness?


If you agree…


That as creatures of a perfect creator, Wellness is indeed our default position;


And that even if we derail from that default position, there has to be a natural way of redirecting ourselves to that initial position – without having to live on tablets and pills…


If you agree with all of that,


Then, you are ready to learn of our discovery of that uncommon knowledge that puts the power of illness and Wellness in your hands, using the gifts of nature that our creator gave us.


So, what is this uncommon knowledge?


It is the knowledge of…


The 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness

  1. Spirituality: the true essence of your existence
  2. Mindset: the foreman and driving force of your life
  3. Nutrition: the natural remedy for every illness
  4. Lifestyle: the daily habits that affects your Wellness
  5. Environment: the healing effect of natural surroundings


Ever since we made this discovery of the 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness, and started applying in it diagnosing/treating patients…


The results have been incredibly amazing;


Just like this one:

“Carib Health was the SOLUTION we have been praying for.”

And this one:

“I don’t feel the LUMPS IN MY BREAST ANYMORE!”

You see, just like a house cannot stand firm without a foundation, so it is with your wellbeing;


These 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness are the foundation of your wellbeing. You cannot live a completely happy and wholesome life if you’re not paying conscious attention to them.


Your knowledge of the 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness will greatly influence your ability to consistently choose a life of…


  • Faith over fear,
  • Cheerfulness over depression,
  • Healthy feeding over junk feeding,
  • Intentionality over trends, and…
  • A life that aligns with nature over one that alters nature.


When you learn these 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness and start applying the insights that we will unveil to you in each of them, you will begin to…


  • Feel more alive and energetic than you used to feel
  • Approach life with an optimistic attitude
  • Live with empowering beliefs
  • Experience clarity of thoughts
  • Treat your food as medicine
  • Become more conscious of the nutritional choices you make
  • Adopt healthy habits & lifestyle choices that improves your wellbeing
  • Take care of your environment like an extension of yourself


And if all of that sounds like the kind of life you want…


Then you are welcome to join the next cohort of our online Wellness School at Carib Health; where we will expose you to the life-changing insights contained in each of the 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness.


We have compiled the insights in these 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness into a 5-in-1 course, and here is the complete package of all that you will learn in the course:


1st Root/Pillar – Spirituality


  • Forgiveness: the healing power of letting go of past hurts
  • Prayer: understanding the empowering impact of mindful communication in prayer
  • Meditation: the calming and restorative effect of having quiet moments
  • Faith vs fear: developing an attitude of persistence and positivity despite the storms you face
  • Fasting: the need for momentarily depriving yourself of certain cravings, so that you are not easily influenced by them


2nd Root/Pillar – Mindset


  • The health benefits of being generous in your expression of Love & Gratitude to people around you
  • Becoming conscious of the Values, Beliefs, & Identity that you accept and live with
  • Understanding the impact of poor sleep on your mental clarity, sexual urge, aging, and your overall wellbeing.
  • Engaging in daily doses of self-cure using nature’s free medicine – Laughter
  • The importance of living through each day with firm Convictions and not just Preferences


3rd Root/Pillar – Nutrition


  • Understanding what Food really is vs Your Perception of Food
  • The usefulness of practicing Mindfulness in your feeding
  • Healthier options that you can use in place of seasoning cubes
  • The dangers of using regular cookware (especially pots)
    • Pot pollution test
    • Carrot test
  • A healthier cookware option to use, which comes with free tutorials on…
    • How to lower the risk of heart diseases by frying foods (akara, chicken, egg, etc.) without cooking oil
    • How to retain the nutritional content of your food by cooking without water
    • How to make healthy salad with just fruits and vegetables 
  • Discovering the damage you do to your body when you don’t move your bowels everyday
  • Understanding how your mindset affects the quantity of your food
  • How to reduce the risks of cancer by eating raw, alkaline-forming foods, and fermented vegetables
  • Cleansing your system naturally using the Detox process
  • The Wellness benefits of practicing intermittent fasting


4th Root/Pillar – Lifestyle


  • The suicidal choices you make with the kind of clothes, accessories, underwear, footwear, and body lotions you use
  • What to keep in mind if you must maintain a consistent lifestyle of fitness
  • The damage that happens in your body when you prevent yourself from sweating
  • How to heal from the disease that you suffer from every day, without even knowing it – sitting disease
  • Uncovering the likely cause of headaches and tiredness – and how to reverse it – poor sleep


5th Root/Pillar– Environment


  • How to manage your wellness by managing your garbage
  • The powerful healing effect of Aromatherapy and how to use it
  • Why you should give up on fertilized foods and start feeding on purely organic foods




The 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness are compiled into 5 modules, and spread into 41 bite-sized videos, with a total of less than 6 hours viewing time.


And in addition to the invaluable knowledge you will gain,


You will also enjoy 2 unusual BONUSES when you sign up for this 5-in-1 course;



BONUS #1: FREE access to a 30-minute zoom call with our Wellness Consultants at Carib Health


After taking the 5-in-course, you will get an exclusive access to a 30-minute Question & Answer session with either our Internal Medicine Consultant, Dr. Patrick Ijewere; or with our Clinical Nutritionist, Mrs. Sherese Ijewere;

Both with a cumulative experience of 40+ years in medical and nutrition consulting practice.


The Q&A session will be via a live ZOOM call, and you will get the chance to ask for clarifications based on what you’ve learnt in the 5-in-1 course. (That’s just like having a one-on-one consultation with us! Count yourself lucky.)


And to enjoy this bonus, you must complete the course within the duration of the cohort you registered for.



BONUS #2: 50% discount voucher to get the 5-in-1 course for your friend or loved one


While taking this course, you will realize that the kind of life-changing insights you will gain are just too good to be kept to yourself. And that is why we created this bonus.


After signing up for this course, you will get a 50% discount voucher that allows you buy the course for a friend or loved one, so that they can share in the goodness of what you’ve learned.



So how much it will cost you to sign up for this course and access all these benefits?



First of all, you need to understand something:


If you do a quick google search of the cost of consultation in a Nigerian hospital, the price is as high as 40,000 Naira – excluding the cost of medical tests/labs and treatments.


And at 40,000 Naira, 5 consultation sessions will cost you 200,000 Naira.


Fortunately for you, the relief you will feel and the insights you will gain from the lessons in the 5 Roots/Pillars of Wellness is exactly the same as what you will get after having 5 consultations at an A-class medical center; because…


The team of instructors that created this course are seasoned Wellness Consultants;


  • 1 Internal Medicine Consultant & Wellness Physician
  • 1 Clinical Nutritionist
  • 1 Mind-body Expert
  • 2 Nutrition Consultants
  • 1 Pharmacologist
  • 1 Physiologist
  • 1 Fitness Coach
  • 1 Food Chemist
  • 1 Wellness Expert, and…
  • 1 Registered Nurse


So, you can see that even if we priced this course at that 200,000 Naira, it will still be ridiculously underpriced – considering the quality of life-changing insights and extra benefits packed into the course.




Because we are just launching this 5-in-1 course package, if you sign up NOW, you will not pay 200,000 Naira…


Or even 100,000 Naira…


You will pay only 45,000 Naira.


And once you make payment, you will get lifetime access to;


  • Life-changing insights that will guide you on how to reclaim your gift of Wellness naturally, and ultimately help you reduce your budget for health emergencies.




  • Exclusive access to a 30-minute Q&A session (after taking the course) with our Wellness Consultants at Carib Health.




  • A 50% discount voucher to get the course for your friend or loved one (that’s 22,500 Naira).




Because we want the 30-minute Q&A session to be highly fulfilling and exclusive for the participants, we are taking ONLY 10 registrations for our next cohort.


Once we fill up these 10 slots, we can’t guarantee that the price of the course will remain the same for subsequent cohorts.


Ready to join our next cohort?


Click on the link below and proceed to sign-up for the course:




See you on the inside!

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